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About Shudokan

•Shudokan is a Japanese system of martial arts refined by the late Kanken Toyama (1888-1966). Much like Gichen Funikoshi, Toyama Sensei was a student of several predominant Okinawan instructors of his time. He opened a dojo in Tokyo in 1931 that he named Shudokan (house of ultimate way).

•The Shudokan system has much of the same heritage as the Shotokan style. Shudokan practices a subset of the same kata as Shotokan and has much of the same basic philosophy. The main difference is the retention of many of the "Okinawan" techniques with an swing in emphasis away from the very linear techniques of Shotokan to more circular techniques. In addition the style was never diluted for mass marketing or tournament competition as was the Shotokan system,

•Shudokan relies on low powerful stances, strong blocks and powerful kicks and punches.  In defense, covering the centerline is considered critical.  In attacking the emphasis is not on the spectacular, but rather on the effective. Kata is emphasized and bunkai is stressed for practical self-defense.

Kanken Toyama (1888-1966)

•Kanken Toyama studied karate under several of the Okinawan masters. Much like Gichen Funikoshi he took karate to mainland Japan. In 1931 he opened a dojo in Tokyo that was called the Shudokan. The name of the dojo stuck as the name of the style much as Gichen Funikoshi's Shotokan dojo.

•He also taught a club at Nihon University and in 1946 he formed and was the first president of the All Japan Karate-do Association.

About SMA

•SMA is a chain of affiliated karate schools teaching several different styles of martial arts. SMA affiliated instructors can be found in Washington State, New Jersey, and Indiana.

•All schools teach a core of Shudokan with additional instruction available in Lau-Wing-Pai Kung-Fu, Shorin-Ryu, and weapons training.

The Sensei

•Sensei William (Bill) E. Seyler is the head instructor for SMA. He began studying the martial arts at age twelve. His first style was the Shito-Ryu style of karate. Eventually he obtained a Ichi Kyu (Brown Belt) in this style. Over time and through his travels in the United States Air Force, he had the opportunity to gain knowledge and rank in several other styles of Asian martial arts. He also holds a Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) in Shudokan a Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu,  a Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu, a Shodan in Shotokan karate and a Gold Sash (Masters Rank) in Lau-Wing-Pai Kung Fu.

•Sensei Seyler been teaching martial arts since 1977 in the United States and overseas.  He has competed at many different levels of sport karate including point fighting, kata, weapons kata, Japanese style knockdown sparring, and kick boxing.  Even though he has actively participated in these events he is very much a martial arts traditionalist and sees the study of sport karate as just an interesting footnote to a complete martial arts program.

•Like every martial artist He continues to strive for perfection in technique. He impresses on his students that the martial arts are life long journey that has no final destination.